Day 5, the shine!

Revolution lip kit (metallic) £6 Superdrug.

I love shiny lipstick but hate gloss so the idea of this appeals to me on every level including the packaging, the rose gold packaging is so beautiful in did not even have to think i have only managed to get this one as they are almost always sold out but (spoiler) I will be going back for more.

The lipliner is kind of pointless to me as it has little to no colour it’s just a soft gold glitter so I had to add something to it but the liquid lipstick is soft and creamy and such a lovely soft colours with amazing shine that the kids in the playground when I was picking mine up were loving it almost as much as my bright colours, I have a little bit of a reputation for have crazy makeup but I am fine with that even if it means some of the mums think I am over the top. 

The lipstick did not completely set but I did not expect it to but lasted really well for a more soft lip colour, coffee and water had little effect but as expected food removed just about all of it. The colour is soft and wearable in a day to day way so I really struggled to find something about it I did not like apart of the liner but saying that it would be fine if you don’t have the same issues with pigment that I do. 


In the pic it’s one coat of lipstick but lots and lots of liner.

For £6 this is amazing value not as good as some of the high end but better than many of the others I have found.

I was not going to include this pic as it’s horrible the sun was right in my eyes, taken in the school yard but as it shows the shine I have added it.


Day 4! Pretty in pink

Sleek Makeup power plump lip crayon in 1046 fully fuchsia, £5.49 from Boots (I got this free with another sleek purchase hence the crazy bright colour)

So I got free and it’s not my normal sort of colour, it’s very pink so I did not try it out right away in fact I only tried it because of this review and I am so happy that I did, surprisingly the colour is very wearable and it’s got a super strong pigment so filled in the parts of my lips that have no pigment so I was thrilled with it.

On the website it says that it is a lip plumping, tingling lip crayon personal I did not expect it to be such a strong and long lasting tingle (side note don’t kiss anyone whilst it’s new my husband was not happy with the pink burning mark on his cheek) I personally don’t think that it plumped my lips noticeably but the colour was good and strong and lasted really well for a glossy finish lip colour. 

Even though it left pink marks on cups and glasses it lasted until I went to lunch, lunch as a bit of a problem I would say avoid this if you know you will be eating anything that touches your lips as it left pink lipstick on my burger and then caused a tingle on the inside of my mouth that was not pleasant in fact it was horrible so I don’t know how much would have been left after a normal meal as I removed it so I could eat my lunch.

So if you don’t mind a tingle this is really worth a try and the fact that it’s Sleek and the drugstores often does offers on it you can get it for less or even free if your lucky.

Day 3! A little hard to find but worth it

Academy of Colour  matte liquid lipstick  set £2 Morrisons  (I got this a month ago and looks like it’s a little hard to find normally)

  • I have been looking all over to try and find more of this set and they appear to pop up in supermarkets as part of gift sections.

So I am going to start by saying that I have been using this for a few weeks and love how it feels on the lips, it’s so soft and not very drying but that had a pay off in that it does have some transfer and needs to be topped up every few hours but does last longer than normal lipsticks.

I have hardly have any pigment to my lips and almost non round the the top edge so I am someone who has to have lipliner with everything I use so any set that comes with one I get quite excited about as it should mean that they match unfortunately that hardly ever happens and in this case it is definitely not the case the liner is much more pink in tone.

The lipstick being much more brown they are both a nude but very different and noticeable on the lip, I did find a liner that I can use with the lipstick as it’s a basic nude so not so much of an issue in the end.

The liner that you get in this is done use lots with pink toned nudes as it’s one of the nicest budget ones I have found its soft and rich in pigment in fact I would go so far as saying this has become my favourite lipliner at the moment and as I own over 30 of them it’s saying something  (I may have a problem resisting lip products).

If you come across this then grab them I will be keeping a look out for more as it’s a real find in my option it looks so pretty on, feels amazing and lasts pretty well.

Day Two!

Neverland 6pcs long lasting waterproof liquid makeup from Amazon, I got this on Prime for  £5.49.

So buying this is was convinced that they would not be very good but I really wanted a green lipstick to play and I just can’t resist buying daft things on line whilst the kids watch something on Netflix. The joy of Prime is you get them the next day and when they arrived in just had to see what they were like, quite shocked to say all but one had amazing colour the blue is very patchy but the others I had high hopes for.

I new I was going out yesterday so I decided to try the raspberry coloured one, in the picture I have two coats on it is a little dry putting it on and you don’t get a lot on the applicator so it was not quick and easy.

It is so dry on the lipstick that you are aware all the time that you have it on and feels a little ruff on the lips but not enough to stop me and make me change it because I don’t have another colour like this so I will suffer.

The biggest suprise was that after being on 3 hours as well as coffee and lunch my lipstick was still on just a little in the centre had rubbed off (please excuse the pic the light was rubbish)

I am so shocked at how well they stayed in place that I can even forgive the fact that they feel so dry.

I have tried the green as well as this lasted as well but I found that it did have one major down side they are really hard to get off the lip I ended up using coconut oil and it still left a stain around the edges of my lips not a great look with the green.

All in all if you are willing to have dry lips and can get the stuff off they are worth a go just be careful with the edges.

Day one

BINKY London £2 each at my local CO-OP.

So I decided to start with one of my most affordable finds and one of my most surprising finds I just nipped into my local CO-OP for milk and as I walked round I found that they have a small makeup section almost everything is £2 each so I grabbed a few bits, I can never just get what I went into the shop for, they did not have any testers so I just had to guess what the colours would be like and went for a pink and a nude as they are my go to colours. When I opened them I found that the colours are not quite as they look on the label the nude is more of a soft chocolate brown and the pink was much softer than the bright pink label had made me think it was but still both lovely wearable colours. I have tried both of them and the formula is much the same on both, soft and smooth and go on very even leaving a pretty soft colours with a high shine. 

I did have to add a lipliner as the first time it did bleed out a little as it’s such a soft formula. In fact without the lipliner I found that it ended up all over the outside of the lipline, it does have a slightly greasy feel on the lipstick and that is not nice when it starts to bleed out it is not a bad feeling lipstick and once the shine is gone it leaves a lovely colour behind that lasted quite well in fact it was a good 2/3 hours before it needed retouching.

The second pic is taken after 2 hours and a cup of coffee or three.

Not a bad place to start this little adventure into affordable lipstick and if you find it in your local shop it’s definitely worth a go if you don’t mind playing guess the colour but it’s a perfect handbag lipstick one for when you just need to grab something but forgot to pick up your favorite lippy.

Let’s start on a fun note

So as I been slightly obsessed with makeup since I was a teenager but my lipstick collection has always been slightly out of control though high end lipstick is amazing and I do own and use it my everyday options tend to be drugstore and affordable, so to start this blog is thought it might be fun to do eleven days of affordable lipstick. From drugstore to supermarket and online to pound shops and see how well they do.

So each day from tomorrow I will upload a review of a new lipstick.

Hope to see you around