Choice of boxes from £9 

I have a little bit of a beauty product obsession and love a suprise box but after reading so much about this one I had to give it a go, after picking your subscription level  (I went for 3 products at £9 though I had a discount code if I can find it in will add it later)

The idea of the box is that you get to pick what you would like to try from a selection of full size and sample size products the list is extensive and changes all the time in fact it was quite hard to pick there was so much well maybe not all 3 were hard to pick as the first one was a full size Paula’s Choice 1% retinol cream (retail price £53) So already an amazing saving add a nice set of Vintage Cosmetics tweezers  (normally about £8) and a MUA shadow pallet and I was done. The code I had added a sample face wash and a sponge as well as what I had picked so I was more than happy.

Delivery was a little slow taking about a week but worth it when it arrived beautifully packaged in pink paper and with a sweet little makeup bag always handy to have i was pleased to find that everything was full size and true to what I expected so all in all this is an amazing box and I will be getting many more in fact I went on and ordered a Collection box as well so look out for that update as well as an update on the products I got in this one.

My over all advice is try this one it’s a true win for any beauty bargin hunter’s.

Discount code BEBEAUTIFUL  (if it still works it’s 30% and two products) 

This is not sponsored and I have no affiliation with the company.


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