£10 (+p&p)

I decided that I would try a different monthly box as my last one was getting a little dull and the pink glossybox was just to tempting to pass up.

So the box arrived by royal mail in a black and white box that did not leave you guessing what was inside, the packaging is lovely all pink and black with a pretty ribbon and the products inside are a really good size and a mix of samples and full size products.

Full size;

Batliste heat protection and shine spray I did not know they did anything but amazing dry shampoo so was hopefull this would be good and I was not disappointed as it’s a full size it should last quite some time. 

Africa argon oil hand cream that smells amazing it kind of reminds me of something I used when my kids were babies but I just can’t put my finger on it, maybe not the best for day time but as a night hand cream it is lovely not too heavy on the oil.

Sleek lip crayon  I have reviewed this before in another colour so was more than happy to get another though I am not certain how much use it will get out of it as it’s a little orange for my normal look.

Sample size;

111 eye cream, I have no idea what this is like I expect it must be good as the full size is over £100! crazy money, but mine did not work glossy customer services was amazing I dropped them an email and they said they would get another out to be so I maybe able to update you on that as I am super curious with such a high price tag.

The black charcoal mask is nothing special normal messy to does its job.

Finally there was a glow cream I was a little confused by this as it says step 3 but it is not a highlight, it sorted of leaves a soft shine to the face but apart from that I can’t work out what it’s for, I ended up giving it to my teenage daughter and she likes it on its own no foundation ect but for me my Becca backligh works just so much better.

I would say this box is well worth a try with a reasonable price and good mix of products you can’t really go wrong.


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