So I was lucky enough to be sent a voucher by Bzz Agents to try the Stork ready made bun mix in original  (vanilla flavour) So this is not something I bought but I was very curious about it when asked if I would like to take part.

Stork is a name is am very familiar with it is what I always reach for when baking in fact I think everyone I know uses it so I know that there baking products are always good but I could not forget the horrible bund served at my cousins birthday parties as a kid her mum always made them from a ready mix and they were never good, in fact they were sadness in a bright wrapping that are still talked about. 

So after finally finding the mix in ASDA chilled section, I had been looking with baking at first, my 8 year old was very excited to get started and the instructions were easy, warm in water, squeeze and bake simple well it would have been if I had softened it enough but we got there with no mess no washing up and much to my son’s horror no bowl or spoon to lick and 30 mins later we had buns. A little odd shaped but buns all the same.

After they cooled down we tried them they are OK, better than normal ready mix definitely as good as home made well that is a no. It is a little dry and very light on the flavour but they will do for a quick bake and I will buy one to keep on hand for the times when I need buns for school but only get told at bedtime the night before. 

This will not replace your beloved homemade buns but if you don’t have time to bake or just don’t like baking they are perfect, or even better for keeping the kids occupied in the holidays when it will no doubt rain but you don’t want to clean the kitchen from top to bottom once they have finished and let’s face it decorating them eating them is always the best bit.

Retails for around £2.50 a pack and comes in 3 flavours.


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