Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 04 peach club matte finish  £8.99.

This is a super soft velvet lipstick that lasts so well once you have it on but getting it on and looking even is not a quick and easy task, the formula is patchy on one coat and needs to part dry before you can top it up I learnt that the hard way if you go in when it is still wet then the patches just get worse and the lipstick ends up super sticky and never dries fully. The problem with having to wait for it to dry is the time it takes to dry it feels like a normal lipstick for such a long time that the first time I tried this most of it was lost to a coffee cup before it dried.

Once you get the hang of the formula then it’s a lovely lipstick to wear, it feels like nothing on does not crack and stays put for hours and though eating and drinking it is not kiss proof and does leave some transfer, not the large red (well peach) rings you would get with a traditional lipstick on your cup but you will know which is your cup at a table.

This peach is a much lighter colour on than in the bottle so switching to check a colour before you pick one would definitely be advised I did not and must admit I was a little disappointed at first but I will go back and look for a better colour on my skin tone.


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