Collection moisturising lip butter normally about  £2.99 

I have a few colours of this as I think they are perfect for days when you don’t want to have lots of makeup on but need a little something on the lips you know the days when all you feel like is a coat of mascara and lip gloss then out the door for me this is normally Monday morning when I just can’t get myself going enough in time for the school run and have nothing but housework waiting for me.

The Lip butter as very little colour but leaves a lovely soft shine with a hint of colour that lasts a good couple of hours if I am just running around and drinking coffee, it’s Monday morning after all so coffee is pretty much all that is keeping me going. I have tried so many glossy chunky pencil type lipsticks and enjoy quite a few but this one just keeps being the one I reach for its soft texture and sweet smelling mixed with just the right amount of colour that I have enough coverage for my lack of pigment mixed with a price point allowing me to not think twice about dropping it in my bag means it’s become a firm favourite and always on my vanity.

One small warning the top comes off easy if you don’t click it one fully and it’s awful to get off the inside of your bag and all its contents.


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