Makeup gallery  Pout matters matt lip colour  from Poundland £1 each (no suprise there)

I have walked passed the makeup display at Poundland so many times but this time I stopped to look, I was surprised to find that they have lots of drugstore brands as well as Makeup gallery that is there own makeup and has just about everything but I was drawn to the lipsticks and liquid lipsticks I picked up the 3 liquid lipsticks that they had a pink, red and purple I expected very little from them and they don’t have a lot of product in but a nice suprise was that colour payout on the red and purple was quite strong the pink shows as more of a shine than anything else.

The colour was a little patchy but two coats and it was wearable, not perfect but for £1 not bad at all, as expected it is drying and transfers onto anything including my coffee cup and sons cheek in the playground (good way of making myself popular in a morning with him) and needed topping up though the day more like a regular lipstick than the matte ones I usually buy. 

I have used them a few times since and have to say that even though they are not the best quality or last as long as I would like for £1 it’s worth a go and if I see any other colours I will be trying them as well I may even try some of the other makeup. 

If you have tried Poundland makeup before let me know what I should try as I am now very curious.


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