Avon True colour nourishing lipstick in perfect pink, £8 each from your local rep or online via Avon shop.

I am going to start by saying that I have had the same Avon rep for 8 years and have had so many lovely lipsticks (and so much more) from them that when I ordered this is was so certain it would be good if got two colours and when it arrived in was very excited as the packaging is beautiful rose gold and black and the lipstick has a pretty swirl of colour change I think you can see it in the top pic but as I have lots they went into the collection and sat there for a week or so.

I put this on with the full explanation that I would drop it in my bag and go about the day, this unfortunately was not the case it was greasy and had hardly any colour at all when I did build it to a colour that was nice the consistency was like a thick gloss and felt like it was moving slowly off my lips I thought it maybe ok I blotted it but the tissue ended up sticking to my lips and leaving little bits of it behind, that is just not the best look for any day let alone when you have to go out.

All that said I don’t have any pictures of it on but it did take 4 coats to get the colour for the swatch 

This will give you an idea of what it is like, if you like a glossy lipstick with a very pale colour then you may love this but for me it just doesn’t work I did more colour and less tissue on my lips.

Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow 


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