Barrym Matte Me Up lip kit £6.99 from Boots 

This tiny little box holds an amazing suprise the lip pencil is nothing amazing a good basic pencil but the lipstick is a bit of a suprise, it’s so wet that I expected little to no colour and for it to run and be hard to work with but the colour payout is shockingly rich and it did not run but it is not easy to work with and you have been careful with it and you may need two coats with the stronger colours as the wet constancy means that you can’t get a thick coat of this colour and need to build it to what you want, in my case as rich as possible as I love the rich raspberry colour this was even if it was not quite what I expected from the packaging.

Whilst it was drying I was a little worried that it was starting to feel like a powder and was going to be a matter lipstick that you not only know you have on but becomes to uncomfortable that it’s just not worth keeping on but that is not the case it feels like nothing on the lips and does not feel like it is drying your lips out at all for the first few hours but after eating and drinking in it for 4 hours it started to dry out and feather around the inside of my lips, this was the only time it transferred onto anything.

It may not sound like 4 hours is a long time for this to last but I was impressed as in that time not only did I drink my normal ridiculous amount of coffee but had cinema smacks and pizza with my kids so to stand up to a kid friendly afternoon I am very impressed normally only my high end lipstick can get close to this in feel and lasting power, it’s outstanding or the price even with needing a little work to get it just right.


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