Revolution lip kit (metallic) £6 Superdrug.

I love shiny lipstick but hate gloss so the idea of this appeals to me on every level including the packaging, the rose gold packaging is so beautiful in did not even have to think i have only managed to get this one as they are almost always sold out but (spoiler) I will be going back for more.

The lipliner is kind of pointless to me as it has little to no colour it’s just a soft gold glitter so I had to add something to it but the liquid lipstick is soft and creamy and such a lovely soft colours with amazing shine that the kids in the playground when I was picking mine up were loving it almost as much as my bright colours, I have a little bit of a reputation for have crazy makeup but I am fine with that even if it means some of the mums think I am over the top. 

The lipstick did not completely set but I did not expect it to but lasted really well for a more soft lip colour, coffee and water had little effect but as expected food removed just about all of it. The colour is soft and wearable in a day to day way so I really struggled to find something about it I did not like apart of the liner but saying that it would be fine if you don’t have the same issues with pigment that I do. 


In the pic it’s one coat of lipstick but lots and lots of liner.

For £6 this is amazing value not as good as some of the high end but better than many of the others I have found.

I was not going to include this pic as it’s horrible the sun was right in my eyes, taken in the school yard but as it shows the shine I have added it.


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