Sleek Makeup power plump lip crayon in 1046 fully fuchsia, £5.49 from Boots (I got this free with another sleek purchase hence the crazy bright colour)

So I got free and it’s not my normal sort of colour, it’s very pink so I did not try it out right away in fact I only tried it because of this review and I am so happy that I did, surprisingly the colour is very wearable and it’s got a super strong pigment so filled in the parts of my lips that have no pigment so I was thrilled with it.

On the website it says that it is a lip plumping, tingling lip crayon personal I did not expect it to be such a strong and long lasting tingle (side note don’t kiss anyone whilst it’s new my husband was not happy with the pink burning mark on his cheek) I personally don’t think that it plumped my lips noticeably but the colour was good and strong and lasted really well for a glossy finish lip colour. 

Even though it left pink marks on cups and glasses it lasted until I went to lunch, lunch as a bit of a problem I would say avoid this if you know you will be eating anything that touches your lips as it left pink lipstick on my burger and then caused a tingle on the inside of my mouth that was not pleasant in fact it was horrible so I don’t know how much would have been left after a normal meal as I removed it so I could eat my lunch.

So if you don’t mind a tingle this is really worth a try and the fact that it’s Sleek and the drugstores often does offers on it you can get it for less or even free if your lucky.


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