Academy of Colour  matte liquid lipstick  set £2 Morrisons  (I got this a month ago and looks like it’s a little hard to find normally)

  • I have been looking all over to try and find more of this set and they appear to pop up in supermarkets as part of gift sections.

So I am going to start by saying that I have been using this for a few weeks and love how it feels on the lips, it’s so soft and not very drying but that had a pay off in that it does have some transfer and needs to be topped up every few hours but does last longer than normal lipsticks.

I have hardly have any pigment to my lips and almost non round the the top edge so I am someone who has to have lipliner with everything I use so any set that comes with one I get quite excited about as it should mean that they match unfortunately that hardly ever happens and in this case it is definitely not the case the liner is much more pink in tone.

The lipstick being much more brown they are both a nude but very different and noticeable on the lip, I did find a liner that I can use with the lipstick as it’s a basic nude so not so much of an issue in the end.

The liner that you get in this is done use lots with pink toned nudes as it’s one of the nicest budget ones I have found its soft and rich in pigment in fact I would go so far as saying this has become my favourite lipliner at the moment and as I own over 30 of them it’s saying something  (I may have a problem resisting lip products).

If you come across this then grab them I will be keeping a look out for more as it’s a real find in my option it looks so pretty on, feels amazing and lasts pretty well.


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