BINKY London £2 each at my local CO-OP.

So I decided to start with one of my most affordable finds and one of my most surprising finds I just nipped into my local CO-OP for milk and as I walked round I found that they have a small makeup section almost everything is £2 each so I grabbed a few bits, I can never just get what I went into the shop for, they did not have any testers so I just had to guess what the colours would be like and went for a pink and a nude as they are my go to colours. When I opened them I found that the colours are not quite as they look on the label the nude is more of a soft chocolate brown and the pink was much softer than the bright pink label had made me think it was but still both lovely wearable colours. I have tried both of them and the formula is much the same on both, soft and smooth and go on very even leaving a pretty soft colours with a high shine. 

I did have to add a lipliner as the first time it did bleed out a little as it’s such a soft formula. In fact without the lipliner I found that it ended up all over the outside of the lipline, it does have a slightly greasy feel on the lipstick and that is not nice when it starts to bleed out it is not a bad feeling lipstick and once the shine is gone it leaves a lovely colour behind that lasted quite well in fact it was a good 2/3 hours before it needed retouching.

The second pic is taken after 2 hours and a cup of coffee or three.

Not a bad place to start this little adventure into affordable lipstick and if you find it in your local shop it’s definitely worth a go if you don’t mind playing guess the colour but it’s a perfect handbag lipstick one for when you just need to grab something but forgot to pick up your favorite lippy.


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