A glossy treat 


£10 (+p&p)

I decided that I would try a different monthly box as my last one was getting a little dull and the pink glossybox was just to tempting to pass up.

So the box arrived by royal mail in a black and white box that did not leave you guessing what was inside, the packaging is lovely all pink and black with a pretty ribbon and the products inside are a really good size and a mix of samples and full size products.

Full size;

Batliste heat protection and shine spray I did not know they did anything but amazing dry shampoo so was hopefull this would be good and I was not disappointed as it’s a full size it should last quite some time. 

Africa argon oil hand cream that smells amazing it kind of reminds me of something I used when my kids were babies but I just can’t put my finger on it, maybe not the best for day time but as a night hand cream it is lovely not too heavy on the oil.

Sleek lip crayon  I have reviewed this before in another colour so was more than happy to get another though I am not certain how much use it will get out of it as it’s a little orange for my normal look.

Sample size;

111 eye cream, I have no idea what this is like I expect it must be good as the full size is over £100! crazy money, but mine did not work glossy customer services was amazing I dropped them an email and they said they would get another out to be so I maybe able to update you on that as I am super curious with such a high price tag.

The black charcoal mask is nothing special normal messy to does its job.

Finally there was a glow cream I was a little confused by this as it says step 3 but it is not a highlight, it sorted of leaves a soft shine to the face but apart from that I can’t work out what it’s for, I ended up giving it to my teenage daughter and she likes it on its own no foundation ect but for me my Becca backligh works just so much better.

I would say this box is well worth a try with a reasonable price and good mix of products you can’t really go wrong.

Ready made bun mix!

So I was lucky enough to be sent a voucher by Bzz Agents to try the Stork ready made bun mix in original  (vanilla flavour) So this is not something I bought but I was very curious about it when asked if I would like to take part.

Stork is a name is am very familiar with it is what I always reach for when baking in fact I think everyone I know uses it so I know that there baking products are always good but I could not forget the horrible bund served at my cousins birthday parties as a kid her mum always made them from a ready mix and they were never good, in fact they were sadness in a bright wrapping that are still talked about. 

So after finally finding the mix in ASDA chilled section, I had been looking with baking at first, my 8 year old was very excited to get started and the instructions were easy, warm in water, squeeze and bake simple well it would have been if I had softened it enough but we got there with no mess no washing up and much to my son’s horror no bowl or spoon to lick and 30 mins later we had buns. A little odd shaped but buns all the same.

After they cooled down we tried them they are OK, better than normal ready mix definitely as good as home made well that is a no. It is a little dry and very light on the flavour but they will do for a quick bake and I will buy one to keep on hand for the times when I need buns for school but only get told at bedtime the night before. 

This will not replace your beloved homemade buns but if you don’t have time to bake or just don’t like baking they are perfect, or even better for keeping the kids occupied in the holidays when it will no doubt rain but you don’t want to clean the kitchen from top to bottom once they have finished and let’s face it decorating them eating them is always the best bit.

Retails for around £2.50 a pack and comes in 3 flavours.

Day 10 all day velvet 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 04 peach club matte finish  £8.99.

This is a super soft velvet lipstick that lasts so well once you have it on but getting it on and looking even is not a quick and easy task, the formula is patchy on one coat and needs to part dry before you can top it up I learnt that the hard way if you go in when it is still wet then the patches just get worse and the lipstick ends up super sticky and never dries fully. The problem with having to wait for it to dry is the time it takes to dry it feels like a normal lipstick for such a long time that the first time I tried this most of it was lost to a coffee cup before it dried.

Once you get the hang of the formula then it’s a lovely lipstick to wear, it feels like nothing on does not crack and stays put for hours and though eating and drinking it is not kiss proof and does leave some transfer, not the large red (well peach) rings you would get with a traditional lipstick on your cup but you will know which is your cup at a table.

This peach is a much lighter colour on than in the bottle so switching to check a colour before you pick one would definitely be advised I did not and must admit I was a little disappointed at first but I will go back and look for a better colour on my skin tone.

Day 9 no makeup day

Collection moisturising lip butter normally about  £2.99 

I have a few colours of this as I think they are perfect for days when you don’t want to have lots of makeup on but need a little something on the lips you know the days when all you feel like is a coat of mascara and lip gloss then out the door for me this is normally Monday morning when I just can’t get myself going enough in time for the school run and have nothing but housework waiting for me.

The Lip butter as very little colour but leaves a lovely soft shine with a hint of colour that lasts a good couple of hours if I am just running around and drinking coffee, it’s Monday morning after all so coffee is pretty much all that is keeping me going. I have tried so many glossy chunky pencil type lipsticks and enjoy quite a few but this one just keeps being the one I reach for its soft texture and sweet smelling mixed with just the right amount of colour that I have enough coverage for my lack of pigment mixed with a price point allowing me to not think twice about dropping it in my bag means it’s become a firm favourite and always on my vanity.

One small warning the top comes off easy if you don’t click it one fully and it’s awful to get off the inside of your bag and all its contents.

Day 8! Poundland 

Makeup gallery  Pout matters matt lip colour  from Poundland £1 each (no suprise there)

I have walked passed the makeup display at Poundland so many times but this time I stopped to look, I was surprised to find that they have lots of drugstore brands as well as Makeup gallery that is there own makeup and has just about everything but I was drawn to the lipsticks and liquid lipsticks I picked up the 3 liquid lipsticks that they had a pink, red and purple I expected very little from them and they don’t have a lot of product in but a nice suprise was that colour payout on the red and purple was quite strong the pink shows as more of a shine than anything else.

The colour was a little patchy but two coats and it was wearable, not perfect but for £1 not bad at all, as expected it is drying and transfers onto anything including my coffee cup and sons cheek in the playground (good way of making myself popular in a morning with him) and needed topping up though the day more like a regular lipstick than the matte ones I usually buy. 

I have used them a few times since and have to say that even though they are not the best quality or last as long as I would like for £1 it’s worth a go and if I see any other colours I will be trying them as well I may even try some of the other makeup. 

If you have tried Poundland makeup before let me know what I should try as I am now very curious.

Day 7, so slippy!!

Avon True colour nourishing lipstick in perfect pink, £8 each from your local rep or online via Avon shop.

I am going to start by saying that I have had the same Avon rep for 8 years and have had so many lovely lipsticks (and so much more) from them that when I ordered this is was so certain it would be good if got two colours and when it arrived in was very excited as the packaging is beautiful rose gold and black and the lipstick has a pretty swirl of colour change I think you can see it in the top pic but as I have lots they went into the collection and sat there for a week or so.

I put this on with the full explanation that I would drop it in my bag and go about the day, this unfortunately was not the case it was greasy and had hardly any colour at all when I did build it to a colour that was nice the consistency was like a thick gloss and felt like it was moving slowly off my lips I thought it maybe ok I blotted it but the tissue ended up sticking to my lips and leaving little bits of it behind, that is just not the best look for any day let alone when you have to go out.

All that said I don’t have any pictures of it on but it did take 4 coats to get the colour for the swatch 

This will give you an idea of what it is like, if you like a glossy lipstick with a very pale colour then you may love this but for me it just doesn’t work I did more colour and less tissue on my lips.

Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow 

Day 6, light as a feather 

Barrym Matte Me Up lip kit £6.99 from Boots 

This tiny little box holds an amazing suprise the lip pencil is nothing amazing a good basic pencil but the lipstick is a bit of a suprise, it’s so wet that I expected little to no colour and for it to run and be hard to work with but the colour payout is shockingly rich and it did not run but it is not easy to work with and you have been careful with it and you may need two coats with the stronger colours as the wet constancy means that you can’t get a thick coat of this colour and need to build it to what you want, in my case as rich as possible as I love the rich raspberry colour this was even if it was not quite what I expected from the packaging.

Whilst it was drying I was a little worried that it was starting to feel like a powder and was going to be a matter lipstick that you not only know you have on but becomes to uncomfortable that it’s just not worth keeping on but that is not the case it feels like nothing on the lips and does not feel like it is drying your lips out at all for the first few hours but after eating and drinking in it for 4 hours it started to dry out and feather around the inside of my lips, this was the only time it transferred onto anything.

It may not sound like 4 hours is a long time for this to last but I was impressed as in that time not only did I drink my normal ridiculous amount of coffee but had cinema smacks and pizza with my kids so to stand up to a kid friendly afternoon I am very impressed normally only my high end lipstick can get close to this in feel and lasting power, it’s outstanding or the price even with needing a little work to get it just right.

Day 5, the shine!

Revolution lip kit (metallic) £6 Superdrug.

I love shiny lipstick but hate gloss so the idea of this appeals to me on every level including the packaging, the rose gold packaging is so beautiful in did not even have to think i have only managed to get this one as they are almost always sold out but (spoiler) I will be going back for more.

The lipliner is kind of pointless to me as it has little to no colour it’s just a soft gold glitter so I had to add something to it but the liquid lipstick is soft and creamy and such a lovely soft colours with amazing shine that the kids in the playground when I was picking mine up were loving it almost as much as my bright colours, I have a little bit of a reputation for have crazy makeup but I am fine with that even if it means some of the mums think I am over the top. 

The lipstick did not completely set but I did not expect it to but lasted really well for a more soft lip colour, coffee and water had little effect but as expected food removed just about all of it. The colour is soft and wearable in a day to day way so I really struggled to find something about it I did not like apart of the liner but saying that it would be fine if you don’t have the same issues with pigment that I do. 


In the pic it’s one coat of lipstick but lots and lots of liner.

For £6 this is amazing value not as good as some of the high end but better than many of the others I have found.

I was not going to include this pic as it’s horrible the sun was right in my eyes, taken in the school yard but as it shows the shine I have added it.

Day 4! Pretty in pink

Sleek Makeup power plump lip crayon in 1046 fully fuchsia, £5.49 from Boots (I got this free with another sleek purchase hence the crazy bright colour)

So I got free and it’s not my normal sort of colour, it’s very pink so I did not try it out right away in fact I only tried it because of this review and I am so happy that I did, surprisingly the colour is very wearable and it’s got a super strong pigment so filled in the parts of my lips that have no pigment so I was thrilled with it.

On the website it says that it is a lip plumping, tingling lip crayon personal I did not expect it to be such a strong and long lasting tingle (side note don’t kiss anyone whilst it’s new my husband was not happy with the pink burning mark on his cheek) I personally don’t think that it plumped my lips noticeably but the colour was good and strong and lasted really well for a glossy finish lip colour. 

Even though it left pink marks on cups and glasses it lasted until I went to lunch, lunch as a bit of a problem I would say avoid this if you know you will be eating anything that touches your lips as it left pink lipstick on my burger and then caused a tingle on the inside of my mouth that was not pleasant in fact it was horrible so I don’t know how much would have been left after a normal meal as I removed it so I could eat my lunch.

So if you don’t mind a tingle this is really worth a try and the fact that it’s Sleek and the drugstores often does offers on it you can get it for less or even free if your lucky.

Day 3! A little hard to find but worth it

Academy of Colour  matte liquid lipstick  set £2 Morrisons  (I got this a month ago and looks like it’s a little hard to find normally)

  • I have been looking all over to try and find more of this set and they appear to pop up in supermarkets as part of gift sections.

So I am going to start by saying that I have been using this for a few weeks and love how it feels on the lips, it’s so soft and not very drying but that had a pay off in that it does have some transfer and needs to be topped up every few hours but does last longer than normal lipsticks.

I have hardly have any pigment to my lips and almost non round the the top edge so I am someone who has to have lipliner with everything I use so any set that comes with one I get quite excited about as it should mean that they match unfortunately that hardly ever happens and in this case it is definitely not the case the liner is much more pink in tone.

The lipstick being much more brown they are both a nude but very different and noticeable on the lip, I did find a liner that I can use with the lipstick as it’s a basic nude so not so much of an issue in the end.

The liner that you get in this is done use lots with pink toned nudes as it’s one of the nicest budget ones I have found its soft and rich in pigment in fact I would go so far as saying this has become my favourite lipliner at the moment and as I own over 30 of them it’s saying something  (I may have a problem resisting lip products).

If you come across this then grab them I will be keeping a look out for more as it’s a real find in my option it looks so pretty on, feels amazing and lasts pretty well.